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Where to buy baby cosmetics best?

by 26/08/2019

The market for baby cosmetics is diversified and rich with many different prices, which makes mothers wonder if they can buy products to care for their fledgling, sensitive babies.
How to choose safe cosmetics for babies
– When choosing cosmetics for babies, you should be very careful to choose quality products that do not harm your baby’s health and skin. If the baby’s cosmetics are not good, it will make the skin poisoned and the infection seriously affects the child’s resistance.

mỹ phẩm cho bé - Pierpaoli

Parents should consider choosing baby cosmetics from famous brands such as Ekos Baby, Bio Conte, … these are Pierpaoli’s organic product lines – Italy, which do not contain substances harmful to the body. , have safe and effective pigment components for children.
– Kinds of baby cosmetics such as baby shower gel, baby powder, baby essential oil, diaper rash cream … When choosing to buy cosmetics for babies, mothers should pay attention to choose products with calming essences mild, moderate aroma, prioritizing organic certified products, containing ingredients extracted from nature, organic substances to protect the baby’s skin in the best way.
+ Baby shower gel
Choose a mild shower gel for your baby, little fragrance or abrasive, you should try to react on a small area of ​​skin before using it for your baby.
+ Shampoo for babies
Absolutely not use baby shampoo together with adults, so choose products specifically for young children to protect their delicate skin.
+ Anti-diaper rash cream for babies
Do not apply diaper rash to the face, eyes of the child, skin rash or infection, when used must be out of reach of children.
+ Essential oils for skin hygiene for babies
Choose natural and organic oils with safe and moisturizing properties such as aloe vera, coconut oil, lavender oil, sunflower oil …


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