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Choose and use baby cosmetics for safety

by 26/08/2019

Cosmetics such as shampoo, shower gel, scented powder, massage oil … have almost become popular for babies. However, it is necessary to ask the question “should it be good?” Before using certain products.
1. Anti-diaper cream (diaper rash cream)
Should: Choose brands that have credibility, have limited use and do not contain harmful substances (should choose products with organic certification). Before taking it, she needs to try her baby’s skin reaction to the product by taking a few chalks to her hands, gently rubbing her skin and watching for 24 hours.


Do not: Absolutely do not apply anti-rash cream to children’s face, eyes and acoustical region (the inside of the thigh, around the vulva, lower abdomen) of girls to prevent the possibility of cancer. Avoid applying anti-diaper cream to children in windy, fan-like places; Do not apply cream to the affected area; After use, cover carefully and keep out of reach of children; Don’t buy cheap, unidentified or smuggled anti-rash cream products that can be dangerous to use.

2. Baby oil cleansing oil
Should: Choose natural and organic oils to help your baby’s skin soft and moist. Some products of mother massage oil can refer to: coconut oil (coconut oil), lavender oil (lavender oil), almond oil (almond oil), sunflower oil (sunflower oil), rose oil, … You need to try to see if your baby’s skin is red or irritated with that oil.

Dung dịch hữu cơ vệ sinh da em bé 300ml - Pierpaoli4

Do not: Do not use oils derived from minerals because they will make your baby’s skin dry and allergic to oil absorption.

3. Shower gel
Should: Choose a gentle shower gel for babies, little perfume or abrasive; use only shower gel on areas of oily or sweaty skin that are not easily removed with plain water; Try a small part on your baby’s skin, if within a few hours, your skin is red, dry or noticeable changes, stop using the shower gel immediately and consult a doctor.

Sữa tắm hữu cơ cho bé không cay mắt 400ml - Pierpaoli6

Don’t: Babies who are prone to eczema or atopic dermatitis should not use indiscriminate shower gel.

4. Shampoo
Should: Choose a mild organic shampoo exclusively for babies (not spicy) because it does not contain additives compared to adult shampoo. Mother only needs to wash her hair 1-2 times a week for most babies.

Dầu gội hữu cơ cho bé không cay mắt 400ml - Pierpaoli5

Do not: Do not abuse because it is easy to irritate the scalp and cause hair loss of natural oils; Do not rub the shampoo into your baby’s scalp. If your baby has “buffalo shit”, after shampooing, you can massage a little with vegetable oil to soften the buffalo layer, then use a soft comb to remove the buffalo.

5. Conditioner
So: if you have a lot of time, you should use conditioner for your baby, choose organic conditioner for your baby without spicy eyes, conditioner to prevent young hair from getting tangled. Especially girls with long hair, mothers should use conditioner for babies, in addition to combing hair disorders

Dầu xả hữu cơ cho bé giúp giảm rối không cay mắt 200ml - Pierpaoli7

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