Men No Sato Organic Baby Noodle Beetroot 200g


* No salt, colorless food, synthetic flavor, no sugar and preservatives.

* With 10 different vegetables, make sure you and your baby will find the adventure full of fun.

* Give your child independent behavior: In order for your child to eat noodles, parents can forge the skills of holding chopsticks, ingenuity, flexibility of the hands, thereby practicing the ability to grasp, reflex, play develop movement right from the beginning.

In the 6th month, she got used to the puree and smooth sieve. Moreover, at this stage many babies have begun to grow their front teeth, the baby’s tongue has also moved more flexibly, knowing their lips, using the tongue to push food. Therefore, it is necessary to gradually increase the roughness of baby food in grainy form.

Beetroots are thought to be very nutritious, rich in vitamins and minerals that stimulate the baby’s appetite. (Should be added to the snack menu for babies from 16 to 20 months)

Ingredients: 97% organic wheat flour, 2% organic beetroot powder, 1% water

User manual:

– Cut noodles, put noodles in boiling water and stir gently for 6-7 minutes. Pour the noodles out and drain the spice ingredients. Then let the noodles cool and let the baby enjoy it

* 1 box of 200g includes 5 bundles of noodles

Brand: Men No Sato

Origin: Malaysia

European organic certification

USDA organic certification