Today, fresh food, or organic food, is gaining popularity in developed countries. Public health experts believe that in the US there have been revolutionary breakthroughs in eating habits. In the past 10 years, organic foods have been sold only in a limited number of agricultural stores, and supermarket traders have no concept of “organic food.” But now, this kind of food has been widely sold everywhere. In Europe organic foods are considered a symbol of health food, there are many agricultural farms that cultivate agricultural products according to organic food regulations.

In Vietnam. We, you and your relatives, have more or less been a victim of dirty food. More than anyone we understand the importance of Organic food. It helps our lives and those we love to become better

Through a long time of companionship and enthusiasm for organic food – natural food. We realize that we need to do something about people’s health in Vietnam. That’s why we look at Natural products, organic products from Europe, America and imports to Vietnam. For everyone and especially the elderly, children can experience, use organic food, clean food so they have better health.

Our Mission

Understanding that problem of dirty food, We dedicated our efforts to establish OrganicLife Import and Export Company, wishing to import many good and quality products with organic certification to supply to distributors. coordination in Viet Nam.

we are happy to be able to introduce all clean products and organic products to all of you. We are proud to be the importer of Organic food from Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Thailand … And of course, all product lines are certified organic European, non-GMO. On the other hand, we can also introduce to you: Baby food knowledge about foods. Organic food products, organic cosmetics are carefully selected by Organic Shop to introduce to people.

Our Target

We hope to be able to find many suppliers of clean, high-quality food that are affordable for Vietnamese people from over the world.

We are always looking for all organic food products for daily eating needs such as cereal grains, drinks, organic cosmetics for baby care, elderly care.

We are now connecting and distributing to major partners in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. In particular, there is NamAn retail system, Organic Food, Biogarten SG, Biogarten DN, Organic Center, Organicfood … In the near future, we will promote the distribution of organic products to other provinces in VietNam…..

Development Plan

Developing and distributing goods to wholesale suppliers in the Northern, Central and Southern regions.
Total number of wholesale suppliers reaches 15 – 20 new suppliers per month.
Retail distribution for shops, mini supermarkets. Expected to develop 20 – 30 more retail stores in the Northern region per month.

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